Hospitality Assistance Response of Pennsylvania (HARP) is a non-profit, founded by the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association, that provides immediate emergency funding to hospitality workers. HARP was founded to distribute grants to front-line industry employees experiencing significant hardships due to the abrupt restaurant and hospitality closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization needed new branding and a website to get the word out to those in need and those interested in donating. Hospitality workers needed emergency funding as soon as possible, so our team prioritized time and usability in creating the HARP website. Neff utilized a templated WordPress theme to ensure that we could do this without sacrificing any quality of design. We chose a theme that is clean and user friendly to provide useful information to those in need and a clear call to action for donations.





Creative Director

Adam Englehart


Demetrius Burgess